Power Kids

Power Kids meet every Sunday after the worship part of our meeting. Ages are from 5 to rising 9s and we have a range of activities to help the children discover Jesus and begin to know Him as their God and friend. We do this through: singing, Bible stories, prayer, crafts and games; always with lots of fun.

It is our aim to help the children learn to love God, others and themselves, through sharing the wonderful plan God has for everyone who trusts Him.

PowerKids230Prayer is always part of our time together. The leaders pray for the children and the children pray for each other. Often the children ask us to pray for family, friends and situations e.g. school problems. We pray believing God will answer and we give thanks when the children tell us the prayers have been answered during the week.

It may be the first time your child has been in a group like ours and you can be sure they will be made to feel very welcome. You are invited to stay for the first few times if you think your child would be happier. However, we would always send for you or return the child to you if they become anxious. Then they would feel ok to try again the next time!